Disable RegEdit

Windows 98/Me/2000

Disables the ability to run regedit.exe on the system On Windows 2000 it also disables regedt32.exe

Note: This item will be greyed out in the shareware version.

Disable RegEdit merge

Windows 98/Me/2000

Disables the ability to Merge *.reg files into the registry.

Instead of the normal action when double clicking a registry file (*.reg), when this item is checked, registry files will open in Notepad. Right-clicking a registry file and choosing Merge from the menu will also be changed to open the file in Notepad.

Force users to logon

Windows 98/Me

When checked, users can not press the Cancel button to bypass the Windows logon screen.

Although somewhat crude, this setting will finally eliminate the ‘bypass’ in Windows 9x/Me where users can just press the Cancel button to log into Windows.

You need to have User Profiles enabled before you enable this option. If you enable this option, and add a new user to the system, you will not be able to log into the new profile.

The correct way to add a new user is to switch off this option, add a new user, and re-enable this option.

Note I: Use this item only when User Profiles are enabled on the System. If no User Profiles are enabled on the system, and you check this item, you will be locked out of Windows, with no simple way of getting back in!

Note II: When you want to add a new user to the system, you will need to switch this function off. Then add the user and turn it back on again. This is the only way it will work!

Note III: This item will be greyed out in the shareware version.

Show extrensions for potentially dangerous file types

Windows 98/Me/2000

By default, Windows hides the file extensions for some file types, which can be potentially dangerous (because of the ability to run system level commands).

There are viruses who use this to their advantage, by (for example) naming a dangerous attachment as sometext.txt.pif

Note the (seemingly) double extension of .txt and .pif. The real extension here is .pif, which is a shortcut to MS-DOS. Because Windows hides the .pif, users think the attachment it a harmless text file (Windows only shows sometext.txt).

Use the options to show the extensions of the file types.

Disable running of files

Windows 98/Me/2000

The file types listed here are standard Windows file types, but they aren't used on the average computer users system. Instead, virus writers have taken to them to distribute all kinds of harmful code with these file types.

Any file type you choose to disable will force the file type to open in Windows Notepad, instead of running the file in its native Windows program.

Recet Content Advisor password

Windows 98/Me/2000

Internet Explorer will let you add a password to the Content Advisor (Control Panel > Internet Options > Content). If you forget the password, it is quite hard to remove it. Even uninstalling/reinstalling Internet Explorer will not delete the old password!

Use this item to reset the password.

Recet Screen Saver password

Windows 98/Me/2000

Let you reset a forgotten screen saver password.

Disable password caching

Windows 98/Me/2000

Disables the caching ("remembering") of passwords on the system. This also includes Dial-Up passwords. If you have set no password at Windows start-up, it will not disable your Dial-Up password though.

Using this setting means that you will always have to type any passwords set on the system (on Windows start-up for example).